AZAD focuses on molecules that are complex to synthesize both from a process as well as patents points of view. The process development is managed under the supervision of AZAD’s own chemists based in Schaffhausen Switzerland. The route of synthesis is developed at a contract developer notably one that can also do the upscaling and the commercial production. Most of the contract developers are in Europe. Furthermore AZAD runs own chemical labs in Armenia for process research. The commercial producers are in India, China, Taiwan, Czech Republic and Italy. AZAD is the owner of the IP and typically files process- and polymorph patents under AZAD’s name.

The DMF is filed by the contract manufacturer under its name or alternatively under the name of AZAD but the IP belongs to AZAD. In addition to its own development AZAD also partners with Chinese manufacturers in order to offer additional API to additionally service its customers. In this latter case AZAD assumes responsibility for GMP and Regulatory and markets the products under the AZAD company name.